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Tourism Niagara-on-the-Lake has implemented the new safety measures for travelers that the @WTTC has recognized and approved through the #SafeTravels Stamp.

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BeauChapeau Hat Shop

Romantic, Classic & Casual hats since 1997. BeauChapeau stocks over 10,000 hats of all kinds from casual to formal 'One of a Kind' works of art.


Brims and Things

Located in the historic village of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Brims & Things provides high quality, affordable, and fashionable hats for any style. Here, you will find your perfect dream hat that can be worked into your everyday staple wardrobe.


Glamour Jewellery

We offer exquisite artistic designs to suit all tastes and age groups, our designs are inspired from the most recent trends in fashion jewellery. 


 Halley's has earned a reputation for quality and personal attention presenting classic and fashion forward men's apparel over the past quarter century.


Irish Design

We specialize in Aran knit sweaters, winter coats, jewellery, Official Guinness Merchandise, and much more.


Scottish Loft

Hundreds of Scottish products, British videos, tons of British food and candy and a tremendous assortment of British and Scottish gifts, ranging from the expected to the truly unusual. 

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Cool As A Moose

Located on Queen Street in NOTL, at Cool As A Moose we offer exceptional, high quality souvenirs and gifts. We have something for the whole family. We’re a family owned & operated business and we take great pride in offering excellent customer service and quality products. Come by and say hello to our friendly staff and our moose, Hermie.

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