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Membership Program Description

The Membership Programme is a Marketing and Business support programme that
creates value for the Chamber of Commerce members through a comprehensive offering of monitored services and initiatives specifically designed. 
The Membership Programme is customizable with different Membership levels activating only the services that your business really needs at each stage of its development and with adds on options to suit every need. The Membership Programme allows you to understand and measure the ROI (Return on Investment) on your Chamber Membership.

NOTL Chamber of Commerce and Tourism NOTL are here to help grow and enhance your business. 

For registration, contact

  • Designed for the resident businesses who want to be informed and enjoy some of the standard services provided by the Chamber. This membership level will assist you in gaining traction for your business and can help you stay informed. This membership level is designed for the service sector and beyond, as a way of connecting you to the community.

  • This membership enjoys all benefits but has no voting rights nor annual report

Membership Level



  • This is the membership for most of B&B's and Vacation Rentals in NOTL

  • This is a NO COMMISSIONS service

  • It has numerous advantages including a fully clickable and linked web-profile on the Accommodations landing pages
    (either B&B, Country Inn, Vacation Rental)

  • This membership level was designed to BRING THE GUEST RIGHT TO YOUR E-FRONT DOOR 

  • The ten first accommodations that will appear will vary every time the landing page is clicked, they are chosen randomly by the web page

  • All profiled accommodations have the same opportunity to be showcased

  • This membership level enjoys all benefits, has full voting rights and include an annual report


  • Design for the SMALL AND MEDIUM size business throughout NOTL’s Value Chain

  • It aims to become part of your own TEAM

  • It includes a fully clickable and linked web-profile on our new web site’s landing pages

  • It includes a comprehensive range of Marketing and Strategic Social Media Services

  • It can be easily upgraded to complete the services that you may be requiring

  • This membership level enjoys all benefits, has full voting rights and includes an annual report

  • Design for the premium businesses with a larger needs of advertisement, marketing tools and strategic social media

  • It aims at becoming an efficient extension of your marketing team

  • It includes a fully clickable and linked web-profile on our web site’s landing pages 

  • It can be completed by special ads and services at advantageous
    members’ prices 

  • This Premium Membership level enjoys full benefits, has voting rights and receives an annual report 

Add-On Options (requires membership)

E-newsletter Subscription - $100 annually

 E-newsletter Article - $100

The Brief Business Report Subscription - $100 annually

Brief Business Report Article - $100

• Effect magazine Article - $650

• Effect magazine article printed version - $ 1,500

• The Brief Business Report article - $150

• Earth Cam Ad - $300 biweekly

• Front Banner Ad - $1,100

• Side Banner Ad - $400

• Feature article - $500

Prices on Demand

• On site assessment

• Product development

• Concept development

• Marketing / Promotion consultation

• Web development

• Photography, Video, Drone views, etc.

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