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Gate Street Studio

Sandra Iafrate works primarily in oil, using intricate compositions and combination of contemporary and classical techniques. Her portrayal of nature, floral and foliage takes on complex compositions alive with colour, which seem to go beyond the boundaries of the canvas. She has recently been awarded International Artists Magazine’s Finalist in their garden and flower competition for her work Lilies on Black which was part of a contemporary series of oil and acrylic oversized botanical paintings on canvas. 

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Lakeside Pottery

Ron and Barb Zimmermann have been creating beautiful stoneware pottery in their home studio since 1989. They design their own shapes, glazes and decorative motifs, in colours from deep blue and frosted green to goldenrod and chocolate brown.


Niagara Image Gallery

A fine collection of original works of art, limited-edition reproductions and collectibles. Featuring important works by renowned Canadian artist Trisha Romance and Tanya Jean Peterson . Gallery hours are noted on our website.

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